MRCAR Update: 08/09/09

Hello Friends of the Moreland Rabbits!

The response from the public has been uplifting. The voicemails and letters have been very touching. Knowing that people care about the rabbits, the community, and the school children keeps the volunteers motivated. Thank you so much for making this project happen!

We are very grateful to Sunil Pontis and Evonne Mock who made two generous donations specifically offered to cover the cost of the insurance required by the Moreland School District. PAWS now has the needed insurance coverage to assist local rabbit rescues in accessing the property. Trained teams from the Rabbit Haven and SaveABunny have begun their humane trapping. To date, 55 rabbits have been re-homed.

So far most of the donations have been applied to the medical care of the bunnies. Of course the spays and neuters are very important to stopping the population explosion. The rabbits need expensive medicines to relieve them from parasites that plague outdoor bunnies such has fleas and mites. Some rabbits required surgery for major medical problems. Willow is one such bunny. When she was found she was suffering from a complication that is a sign of a rabbit that has given birth numerous times (prolapsed birth canal). She required urgent surgery. Thanks to your donations we were able to save her. She’s recovering in a foster home. Despite everything she has been through reports are that she is a very sweet rabbit who loves to eat her fresh greens and enjoys a good petting on the top of her head. When she recovers fully she’ll be joining some of her friends who are in other foster homes awaiting adoption and re-homing. Most of the rabbits are very undernourished. Their coats were dull and ragged. Their ears and noses healing from territorial fighting. The re-homed rabbits are now on diets of endless fresh hay, healthy amounts of pellets, and fresh dark leafy greens. Orphan baby bunnies are being fed specially formulated milk replacement. The rabbits are being giving them as much TLC as possible.

The bunnies and the volunteers thank you !


  1. Steve,Tracy and Ashley Heck says

    We are so happy that we adopted our sweet baby bunny from MRCAR. Our bunny “SOCKS”is a great new Family member. We have told Family and Friends to help donate or adopt a bunny. We want to give you a big THANKS to save these wonderful rabbits. The Heck Family

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