MRCAR poster wins prize !

This summer marked the anniversary of the Moreland Rabbit Care and Re-homing rabbit rescue ( MRCAR) which involved an coalition of rabbit rescues and santuaries ( SaveABunny, The Rabbit Haven, Animal Place, Team FUR). PAWS was able to get the project started by negotiating with the School Board and fund raising for the costly insurance needed for volunteer trappers to enter to property.

 Alysia and her family fostered three Moreland rabbits named Moonlight, Luna, and Popeye until they found their forever home. Alysia is a member of 4-H. This year when she entered the Santa Clara County Fair Educational Posters Contest, she was inspired to make a poster and story book about the MRCAR rabbit rescue and the rabbits she fostered. She won first prize for her efforts!  She is helping to spread the word on the importance of good guardianship of animals, the importance of spay/neutering, and the serious consequences of abdandoning a domestic rabbit. Congratulations, Alysia !


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    Congratulations to Alysia and to the MRCAR project team! It’s wonderful to see children not only learning, but teaching others about proper animal care. Way to go, Alysia!

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