Bonded Rabbits Adopt a Family

Hi! Our names are Sophia and Maxwell, newly wed Mr. and Mrs. Bunny. We recently adopted a wonderful family, The Louie Family. Selective Sophia waited a whole year and a half for the right family to come along. When the Louie family came to visit, shy Sophia, who usually runs for cover, tried to get attention by staying put in her doggy bed and begged to be pet. She then hopped in her girl’s lap and refused to leave! “This is my family!” she said in bunny body language. Outgoing Maxwell greeted everyone in his usual spunky way, and got to know everyone’s scent. He was won over by the tasty vegetable snacks brought by the children. Thank you PAWS for helping us find our new human family!

Sophia and Maxwell were saved from being killed (too many unwanted animals and not enough resources and families to take care of them all) with the help of the Rabbit Medical Fund. Their medical needs were covered by donations from generous and kind families who care about animals. They helped save Sophia and Maxwell’s precious lives. Now they are bunnies in love being loved by their new family!

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