New surgery table benefits veterinary clinic

Dr. Rusher (left), clinic staff and PAWS
volunteers show off the new surgery table

PAWS with Dr. Rusher Rescue Relief Service have a clinic that assists rescue groups with low cost spays/neuters and other minor surgeries. The clinic has been using old and outdated equipment from other pet and human hospitals. Their surgery table was old and the hydraulic system had been slowly failing until it finally took three people to lift and lower the table top. The cost to repair it was almost as much as a new table, so PAWS decided to see if we could raise the money to purchase a new one. With the help of generous donors, PAWS delivered a beautiful new surgery table for the clinic. The new table can be easily raised or lowered smoothly with a foot pedal. It has the additional features of a top with an adjustable incline and a heated surface, which helps keep animals warm during surgery. We would like to thank all those who donated, especially Gary, who donated almost 50% of the needed funds. Your generosity has allowed PAWS/Dr. Rusher Rescue Relief Service to provide “just what the doctor ordered.”