Download the 2012 Winter Newsletter

Download the 2012 Winter Newsletter


President’s Letter

Janice Frazier, PAWS for SJACS President

This is the time of year when many people reflect on the past year and what they’ve accomplished and look forward to the new year. For PAWS for SJACS this is no exception.

This year we are very proud to have purchased a new surgery table to enable the Dr. Rusher Rescue clinic to do more advanced surgical procedures for rescued shelter animals, and to make surgeries easier for Vet Specialists. Dr. Rusher and PAWS are also running a monthly vaccine clinic at SJACS, which provides low-cost vaccinations to the public in this easily accessible location, and raises money for PAWS to help the SJACS animals.

During our last fiscal year, the PAWS medical funds helped 26 SJACS animals: 15 dogs, 8 cats, and 3 rabbits. This represents help for thirteen different rescue groups, with eight groups reaching out for funding for the first time with PAWS! See our article about one of our recently funded dogs, Jett, and the great rescue group that saved him.

SJACS asked us to help broaden the enrichment program by adding Natural Balance Logs as dog training treats. This may seem like a little thing to mention, but the most common reason why dogs end up at a shelter is behavioral issues. A better-trained dog coming out of the shelter is more likely to keep its home, so the staff and volunteers work to train them. We are happy to help them accomplish this goal in this simple way. PAWS is always open to supporting new ideas for keeping the animals happy during their SJACS stays, thereby helping them get adopted, and stay adopted!

Lastly, we need to mention the rollout of a new, exciting program. It starts with the same never-ending theme, it seems: “If only spay/neuter was less expensive.” Well, PAWS for SJACS is proud to offer a voucher program to help people get their dogs fixed. Working with six vets in the area, and open to other vets wanting to participate, PAWS offers a voucher an owner can apply for to get up to $100 off the cost of the spay or neuter at a participating vet. We have included the flyer in this newsletter, so please give it to someone you know who needs to fix their dog, or post it. This program is funded in a partnership with SJACS, as we donated the prize money for the licensing amnesty lottery, which ran in the Fall of 2011 (Amnesty Lottery Winners, page 4). Having exceeded their target with the amnesty program, SJACS committed money to help PAWS run the spay/neuter voucher program. Thus, SJACS received increased licensing revenue and PAWS was able to get some more dogs spayed and neutered.

PAWS for SJACS looks forward to another great year of being able to help the animals of SJACS. We wish you happy holidays, and ask that when making your charitable contributions, please think of us, as all these programs are a result of our fundraising efforts and/or donations from caring people such as yourselves.

From the 2012 Winter Newsletter