Save A Kitten 2012

Save A Kitten 2012

In early summer, San Jose Animal Advocates (SJAA) launched its “Save a Kitten 2012” program aimed at saving more local young shelter kittens during high kitten season when euthanasia is highest. Partnering with the Humane Society Silicon Valley (HSSV), which has an extensive foster program, SJAA provided an outreach to the community focused on fostering to insure that everyone who can foster a kitten has the knowledge and opportunity to foster. SJAA developed a new web page that eases the fostering application process and provides an informative Facebook page dedicated to the program. Links to these are located at the end of this article.

Kitten fostering consists of providing a temporary home and care until the kitten is old enough (approximately 8 weeks old) and developed enough (2 pounds) to undergo spay or neuter surgery. Once that occurs, the kitten can be adopted out to a permanent home.

HSSV helps other shelters such as SJACS, when they can, with the overflow of kittens in high season. With 15 new foster homes this year in their foster system, HSSV was able to save 59 more kittens from their partners than in prior years. Those kittens have HSSV and SJAA to thank for their little lives!

Good work, SJAA, for your first year of “Save a Kitten”. Here’s to saving even more in 2013!

Website: http://www.sjanimaladvocates. org/save-a-kitten.html 

Facebook: SaveaKitten2012