Charlotte a cute Rott with 2 bad knees

This very sweet girl is Charlotte. We pulled her from animal control where she was going to be euthanized because she had what they said was a torn cruciate ligament in her right knee. Charlotte had surgery on her right knee today(2-26) and we found out from the orthopedic surgeon that her left knee cruciate is also torn. Hopefully we will be able to get it repaired in about 3 months when her first knee is healed. This is such a sweet Rottie ,she is between 2 and 3 years old, and she deserves a second chance at a good life. She gets along with all dogs and is very loving and friendly to everyone. She is certainly a dog worth saving. . Hopefully in about 5 months she will be able to go to her forever home. Unfortunately it cost us about $3000 to get Charlotte fixed up and ready for adoption. Fortunately PAWS helped us with some of the bill.   We are asking for donations of any amount to help us with Charlotte’s huge medical expenses. Thank you for wanting to help sweet Charlotte.


Pepper Jack

Greeting, my name is Pepper Jack. I am a 10year old neutered male Chihuahua.

I have come a long way these past few weeks. I was left abandoned at the front of the local shelter at night  in a box. I don’t remember much of how I got there or what I did to deserve being left alone in the dark and by myself.

I had grown a very large mass on my chest and I am sure that my owners could no longer take care of me. I wish I could have had treatment at an earlier time, but that was not the case.

I was found by staff and when no one came to claim me was troubled that my medical condition would leave me without any hope for a future.

I always thought I was a special boy during my younger years and it proved to be true when a rescuer saw me and thought I was destined for greater things than to be left hopeless in a shelter.

I was taken to a foster home, bathed and made comfortable. I had a lot of work ahead I was told. I was seen by several veterinarians and they did not always look very cheerful after my exam.

I was booked for surgery and was left by my foster mom in the care of a doctor.

I remember waking up and was a bit confused, but feeling very different.

My foster mom was waiting for me and was so happy to see me. I was thinking, did she not think I was going to make it back to her?

I am now referred to the “Miracle boy”. My doctor has seen me a couple of times since the surgery and he is so impressed with my recovery! I have a handful of staples across my chest, but hey, that the least of my worries. I am no longer carrying around a 10oz mass on my chest. I am only a 4lb dog.

I am a new boy with a new lease on life.

I am Pepper Jack and I am a happy boy that loves life and enjoys car rides with my foster mommy. I am loved ,cuddled and spoiled. I have my favorite jacket that I wear when I am  going bye-bye. I am loved by all that have met me. I am so thankful for all of my new days. I give kisses and dance around the house and you can often see me smiling.

Life is Good!

Pet Awareness and Welfare Society for San Jose Animal Care and Services provided funding for this animal’s medical care.


Cosmo is a sweet little Lhasa Apso sponsored by PAWS and fostered by Elizabeth Subia. He was a matted mess of hair and didn’t look like much of a dog. Cosmo’s new owners say:

“I have to tell you what a joy he is!!! He has fit right in with our family. My daughters adore him and he adores them, especially the youngest.

He’s been VERY good in the house. He’s being doing well in the crate also. Overall he’s adjusting quite well. He enjoys his walks and his car rides. The only time he isn’t happy with me is when it’s medicine time for his ear. He’ll be going to the vet for an overall check up and for his ear later this week or early next week.

My family and I just want to say Thank you so much! I can’t explain how overjoyed and happy that I am. I was looking for weeks for a new doggie. I know it sounds corny but he’s just perfect!

Thank you again to yourself and to C.A.R.E! it’s very obvious he was well loved while in foster care. And keep up all the wonderful work and love that you and C.A.R.E do. It really shows in the animals!”

Jenniffer & Travis & Girls

Rambler’s Story: PAWS helps Rural San Jose East Side home where Country meets City

A home owner on about an acre of land in the foothills, next to an orchard, had been feeding stray cats who were living in the orchard. This had become a large colony and some of the other neighbors were complaining, as the kitties began to spread out the colony further.

In this case, PAWS-HCC was immediately contacted by SJACS ACO who was called out on the case, in late summer, 2007. The home owner was happy to have help with TNR (they do not drive); to help reduce the size of the colony; and to be educated on how to properly feed a colony to not attract wildlife (e.g. feed only the amount the colony will consume in ½ hour and pick up any remaining food, feeding in daylight not dark). Five PAWS-HCC members joined forces to help trap the kitties.

Over 20 adults were TNR’d and over 20 kitties were fostered and adopted. Kitten fosters included the original five PAWS-HCC participants, joined by three other members – quite a nice joint PAWS-HCC effort. Cathy Grovenberg (PAWS-HCC member and PAWS board member) was the most diligent of trappers, including putting in long hours over several weeks to finally catch the last wily female with a drop trap. In addition to all the effort put in by PAWS-HCC members, PAWS funded ’d adults.

Rambler was adopted


This little red dashund was sponsored by PAWS and CARE. It was thought she had distemper so she had to be quarantined and hospitalized for a period of time. CARE & PAWS helped Luvvy to get a complete blood panel and Elizabeth Subia fostered Luvvy for months


Luvy’s new family says she is doing better, sleeping in her crate. We are giving her lots of little treats. She wags her tail in her crate now when she hears us coming into the room. She dances when my daughter gets home from school. She still gets nervous, but it is getting a little less each day. Tonight is the first night I have seen the Luvvy and Tucker “sack out” together.

Expenses: $350 for blood panel, x-ray and medications