Abby, a 10-month old Terrier mix with bilateral luxating patellas

Abby is a sweet, somewhat shy 10-month old terrier mix puppy who was rescued from from San Jose Animal Care and Services. Nike Animal Rescue Foundation (NARF) agreed to take her.  She had had relatively restricted activity both at the shelter and in the first foster home, so it wasn’t until she started running around and playing at her NARF foster home that it was noticed that she was definitely favoring one of her rear legs. NARF’s very experienced foster mother immediately thought “luxating patella, oh no!”

Abby turned out to have this condition in both knees severely enough to require surgery, which was done as soon as possible. She has recovered beautifully!

The cost was over $1500 and PAWS for SJACS was able to provide $500 to help with the cost of the surgery. We thank our donors to PAWS for SJACS medical fund that allows PAWS to keep helping rescues from the San Jose Animal Care Center lead normal lives.

Thank you for wanting to help adorable Abby!

35+ Rabbits to be Surrendered

A recent citizen complaint has lead to the removal of 35+ rabbits from a San Jose chihuahua breeder. Yes, you read that correctly – a small dog breeder who expanded to breeding rabbits!  The SJACS animal control officers are rescuing the rabbits first as they are in the more dire need of help. The rabbits are mostly rex and lion head  rabbits. Most are sad appearing, but sweet bunnies. So, far rescue groups have taken in the most needy of bunnies – blind from cataracts, infested with ear mites, scared and frightened, etc. Thank you Rabbit Haven, Humane Society of Silicon Valley, and House Rabbit Society! The others will be spay/neutered and available for adoption at the San Jose Animal Care Center over the coming weeks. Refer your friends to to see the available critters.

The little dogs will be receiving help as well. More to come.

If you would like to help, consider fostering a shelter animal, donating much -needed supplies or money for medical needs, donating time for transporting animals to vet visits and rescue organizations, etc. Donations for rabbits should be marked “Rabbit Medical Fund” and donations for the dogs ” Dog Medical Fund”. Together we can help make a difference for all the community and shelter animals.

Handsome black lion head rabbit

Mix holland lop looking for home

Blind Mini rex who was just used to make baby bunnies

San Jose: 30 rescued cats still need new homes

Update on the progress for rehoming the 109 cats rescued from a hoarder. PAWS has been instrumental in coordinating efforts to find these cats new homes.

Updated: 06/03/2010 05:39:18 PM PDT
Need a good mouser for your yard or barn? How about a lap warmer for inside?
Thirty of the 108 cats rescued from a hoarder in San Jose last month still need homes and eight of them — semi-ferals — could use a good barn or backyard to hang out in.
“They’re not that feral but they’re not as friendly as the cats up for adoption,” said Janice Frazier, chair of the homeless cat committee for the Pet Awareness & Welfare Society, a volunteer group that works closely with the San Jose Animal Care Center.
If it weren’t kitty season, rescue groups could spend more time socializing the eight cats that Frazier hopes will live out their lives as barn cats. But “no rescue group at this time of year has time to take them in,” Frazier said.
Taking in the dozens of animals kept by hoarders can be a real crisis for animal shelters but the facility has worked closely with PAWS and rescue groups to find homes for the cats.
Cynthia Santoro has been fostering two of the cats — a male and a female — and likely will adopt one of them.
“These cats are so happy,” she said. “I think they’re thrilled to have their own food bowls and it’s almost as if they know they have another chance.”
The fact the high number of cats needing homes has been reduced so quickly reflects how well the shelter and the area’s cat community work together, Frazier said.
“It is quite a community effort that really shows how it takes
a village,” she said. “We just need for the village to be a bit larger.”
Shelter officials have declined to release the name of the hoarder. They could not be reached for comment Thursday on the status of the investigation.
The cats available for adoption or placement in a foster home are at the San Jose Animal Care Center, 2750 Monterey Rd. Contact PAWS if you need a mouser for your barn or have a safe yard for an outdoor cat.
IF YOU’RE INTERESTED. If you’d like to help with the rescue efforts, donations may be made through PAWS, by clicking on their Web page at or sending checks to PAWS for SJAC, 2633 S. Bascom Ave, Campbell CA 95008. You may reach them by phone at 877- 729-7475 or send e-mail to .
Contact Linda Goldston at 408-920-5862.

Help Needed for Neglected Rabbits

Tanner, Bailey, and Bartley are three rabbits that were turned into the SJACS by their so-called guardian. They were straggly, starving, bony, mite infected and covered with scattered abscesses. Despite their obvious neglect, they all have very sweet personalities. Due to their medical problems these brother bunnies were slated for euthanasia. Don’t be sad. Thanks to the PAWS Medical Fund, they are to be given a chance for life and love. Donations are needed for their continued care. If you want to help these precious bunnies, please donated to the PAWS Medical Fund and mark “for rabbits”. 100% of every dollar donated goes directly to the vet care of  rescued San Jose Shelter rabbits. If you are interested in adopting one of these bunnies when they are neutered, healthy, and happy, please contact the Rabbit Committee.