2011 Amnesty Lottery Winners

Last year the City of San Jose offered amnesty for licensing animals during the months of September and October. All persons that licensed their animals during that time were entered into the drawing. The winners’ names were drawn by the City of San Jose Animal Care Center in June and they received their checks this summer. Congratulations to all of the winners.

New surgery table benefits veterinary clinic

Dr. Rusher (left), clinic staff and PAWS
volunteers show off the new surgery table

PAWS with Dr. Rusher Rescue Relief Service have a clinic that assists rescue groups with low cost spays/neuters and other minor surgeries. The clinic has been using old and outdated equipment from other pet and human hospitals. Their surgery table was old and the hydraulic system had been slowly failing until it finally took three people to lift and lower the table top. The cost to repair it was almost as much as a new table, so PAWS decided to see if we could raise the money to purchase a new one. With the help of generous donors, PAWS delivered a beautiful new surgery table for the clinic. The new table can be easily raised or lowered smoothly with a foot pedal. It has the additional features of a top with an adjustable incline and a heated surface, which helps keep animals warm during surgery. We would like to thank all those who donated, especially Gary, who donated almost 50% of the needed funds. Your generosity has allowed PAWS/Dr. Rusher Rescue Relief Service to provide “just what the doctor ordered.”

Bunny Licorice Warms the Heart of Seniors

Licorice, a very sweet and endearing baby New Zealand rabbit, served as a PAWS ambassador for bunnies when she accompanied Lily to Live Oak Senior Day Care Center. She charmed the young-at-heart seniors and their families with her warm, happy personality. The Director, Charlie Niemayer, said that a few people who never displayed any interested in petting the visiting dogs and cats, seemed engaged and wanted to stroke Licorice’s shiny black fur. She even got it sit in her cat bed while getting ride in a four-wheeled walker!  She was happy to help. If you’d like to adopt Licorice, email the PAWS Rabbit Committee.

PAWS Enrichment Program for Animals at San Jose Animal Care & Services

PAWS for SJACS is happy to announce that we are helping SJAAC to addressing the shelter animals’ mental health in addition to their physical health, this is a very proactive effort by SJACC Veterinarian Staff based on the national Association of Shelter Veterinarians preparation of a shelter standards document that includes the animals’ mental health as part of their overall well-being.

Donations are needed!

The term “enrichment” is used to describe changes in the shelter animals’ environment that is anything above and beyond a clean kennel and daily food and water. However, physical and psychological well-being are intricately linked since stress suppresses the immune system leading to an increased susceptibility to disease and illness. The SJAAC Vets are working on incorporating procedures into the shelter that will contribute to the animals’ mental health, and requested PAWS to help fund some ot the enrichment items they want to try out.

PAWS4SJACS has purchased the following enrichment items for SJACC:

Cat Scratchers – so that each housed SJAAC cat has a scratcher attached to their cat cage door to provide the cats with an outlet for one of their basic behaviors – scratching! This will average $2000 a year.

Feliway refills so that each cat room will have the a continous supply of relaxing pheromones for helping keep the cats stress level down. Having these cat pheromone diffusers in the cat rooms to decrease stress for the cats helps them to stay healthy while they’re in shelter. This will average $ 2000 a year.

Dog treats: Zuke’s Mini Naturals Peanut Butter enough so that each dog can have a treat a day this will average a $1000 a year.

Dog Treatstiks- These food-dispensing toys are quick to fill, able to hold a large amount of food, durable, and easy to clean (dishwasher-safe). We will use them to feed our investigation dogs who have extended shelter stays (up to several months) to help entertain them through the day.

And for the littler residents:

Rabbits and also smaller mammals: mini UNPEELED willow rings – (mini chew rings) and safe fresh greens – dark leafy greens like romaine lettuce, parlsey, cilantro, dandelion leaves, collard greens, beet greens, carrot tops, chard, etc

PAWS is very happy to help with these enrichment efforts and there will be an on-going need for these items as the are consumables.

HCC Mommy Spay Program

The PAWS Homeless Cat Committee has been very successful with the Mommy spay program having fixed over 65 mommy-cats as of July 1st, using our standing Friday appointments at San Jose Animal Services Spay/Neuter clinic.  In addition, we have re-instated the program for SJACS staff to be able to distribute the voucher to public when people surrender litters of kittens.  Working with the Palo Alto Catworks voucher program we have funded 60 females being spayed at Bay Cities on Saturday appointments which are more convenient for some people.

The resulting 125+ females fixed means at least 450 less kittens born just this season, and surpasses the total we fixed with the program last year.

We will continue the efforts as long as we can afford, it is being complicated by  the spay cost at SJACS going up from $10 to $20, so any additional donations for this program is appreciated. [Read more…]