35+ Rabbits to be Surrendered

A recent citizen complaint has lead to the removal of 35+ rabbits from a San Jose chihuahua breeder. Yes, you read that correctly – a small dog breeder who expanded to breeding rabbits!  The SJACS animal control officers are rescuing the rabbits first as they are in the more dire need of help. The rabbits are mostly rex and lion head  rabbits. Most are sad appearing, but sweet bunnies. So, far rescue groups have taken in the most needy of bunnies – blind from cataracts, infested with ear mites, scared and frightened, etc. Thank you Rabbit Haven, Humane Society of Silicon Valley, and House Rabbit Society! The others will be spay/neutered and available for adoption at the San Jose Animal Care Center over the coming weeks. Refer your friends to www.SanJoseAnimals.com to see the available critters.

The little dogs will be receiving help as well. More to come.

If you would like to help, consider fostering a shelter animal, donating much -needed supplies or money for medical needs, donating time for transporting animals to vet visits and rescue organizations, etc. Donations for rabbits should be marked “Rabbit Medical Fund” and donations for the dogs ” Dog Medical Fund”. Together we can help make a difference for all the community and shelter animals.

Handsome black lion head rabbit

Mix holland lop looking for home

Blind Mini rex who was just used to make baby bunnies

Serena Snuggles Her Way Into a New Family

Little Serena, a mixed dwarf rabbit, has found a herself a new family. A human “dad and mom” and a family of 5 bunnies! What a lucky match! It was nearly instant acceptance into the bunny family. She immediately felt the love she deeply craved.

After being abandoned by the family she thought loved her so, she was slated to be put to sleep due to a bloody discharge from her nose and eyes. She was so clotted over that she could barely breathe!  She was saved when PAWS for SJACS Medical Fund was used to pay for the extra vet care she needed.

Your donations help all the animal at the San Jose Animal Care Center who are deemed physically less than perfect. There are an unlimited number of surrendered animals and not enough resources or good homes for them all. You can help a critter like Serena get the extra medical they need to help them transition into their new lives. Help give the shelter animals tender, love, and care by volunteering or making a donation. You can make the difference between life and death for a pet that just need a little more time and care.

Thank you to the generous donors who saved her life.

Two Rabbits Benefit from Spay/Neuter Funds

We are Dinky and Mercy. We are the most recent beneficiaries of the PAWS for SJACS spay and neuter funds for low income families. Our human family loves us very much but they did not have the money to fix us. We have had three litters before our family was referred to PAWS for help. We worry about what happened to our babies as there are just not enough good homes for the enless numbers of unwanted animals. We wish them well. We are happy not to have to worry about future litters. Now we can be bonded bunny friends who are able to play, eat, sleep, and cuddle together without any worries. Mercy is happy to no longer have to worry about uterine cancer which is kills 80-90% of female rabbits. So, spread the word. If you need help getting your rabbit spay or neutered, contact PAWS for SJACS to see if your human family qualifies for this community resource. Thank you, PAWS for SJACS !

Bunny Foster Families Needed

It’s been just under two weeks since 28 rabbits were rescued from a backyard filled cactuses and two feet of rabbit droppings and urine. Sadly, some didn’t make it due to the poor conditions in which they tried stratching out a life in. Some baby bunnies were found trying to eat wood they were so hungry. The survivors are adjusting to their new surroundings well. The accommadations are clean and comfortable. The hay, veggies, and water are fresh and plentiful. Some orphaned baby bunnies are being bottle fed three times a day by a dedicated foster dad. We have two mama bunnies who are doing their best to raise their litters. All of the rabbits are still in need of human contact and TLC though. Foster homes and donations are still needed to help show these rabbits that people are kind and caring. Foster families are supplies with an x-pen, litter box, bowls, initial food, hay and toys. You just have to be a responsible bunny guardian and friend. A 2-3 month commitment is requested. If you can foster, please contact Lily at lilipad3@hotmail.com. Donations for their medical care cost and spay/neutering costs are greatly needed as well as some of the baby bunnies are ill. Thanks !

To Donate click http://www.paws4sjacs.org/ways-to-help/rabbit-committee/

28 Rabbits Confiscated from One Backyard

Help is urgently needed for 28 rabbits who were confiscated from the backyard of a San Jose couple who were planning to move out in less than one week! The couple bought two unfixed rabbits two years ago. There was little food and water in the blistering summer heat. At least two rabbit caracasses were found and one critically ill baby bunny was dying as the rescue began. The rabbits were living on nearly 2 feet of bunny poop.  With the help of three dedicated volunteers, 28 rabbits were humanely captured and transported to the San Jose shelter and a temporary holding site.  These bunnies despite their past life are gentle and sweet. Some are in need of emergency care. The shelter only has room for 11 rabbits right now.  Emergency fosterers, supplies, and funds are needed. One litter of 6 has been taken in by Rabbit Haven. A set of  four adolescents were taken in by SaveABunny. Please help these precious creatures learn that humans can be compassionate. Donate, foster, volunteer. Thanks !