Homeless Cat Committee (HCC)


PAWS for SJACS works closely with San Jose Animal Care and Services and local rescues to help provide adoptable, homeless animals with non-routine medical care; additional aid is provided through specially funded PAWS for SJACS programs, such as spay/neuter, animal assistance projects, and community outreach. With your help, we can make a difference.

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Join PAWS Homeless Cat Committee!

By joining HCC, you’ll have access to the email forum, be eligble to waive the city restrictons on the number of pets spay/neutered per household, discounts on microchips, purchase discounted spay/neuter vouchers and more.

To Become An HCC Member

  • Please download, fill out these documents and email back to us-email is on the form.
  • HCC Volunteer Application [pdf] [word doc]
  • HCC Feral Rescue Registration [pdf] [word doc]

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Questions? Call us at 877-paws4sj (877-729-7475) or email us.

HCC Volunteers Needed!

Please call  877-paws4sj (877-729-7475) or email us to volunteer.

  • Volunteer mornings at SJACS Spay/Neuter clinic check-in, once to twice a week
  • Train public to do TNR, and proper management of colonies
  • Help SJACS ASOs with overcrowded cat situations, getting cats caught and fixed and homes if possible
  • Funded Mommy Spay program to help get female adult cats fixed for public owned cats – 2008 we did 80 ; 2009 we’ve done 120 to date!
  • Facilitate kitties to rescues that are on PTS list.

Past projects include:

  • Mommy Spay: Spay/neuter of public cats, in targeted areas, in ’07 (Pennysaver ads)
  • Spay/Neuter day at SJACS
<strong>To Become An HCC Member</strong>
<li>Please download, fill these documents out and email to us.</li>
<li>HCC Volunteer Application [pdf] [word doc]</li>
<li>HCC Feral Rescue Registration [pdf] [word doc]</li>
Questions? Call us at 877-paws4sj (877-729-7475)

or<a href=”?page_id=92″> email us.</a></p>