Rabbit Committee


PAWS for SJACS works closely with San Jose Animal Care and Services and local rescues to help provide adoptable, homeless animals with non-routine medical care; additional aid is provided through specially funded PAWS for SJACS programs, such as spay/neuter, animal assistance projects, and community outreach. With your help, we can make a difference.

Please Donate To The Rabbit Committee

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Volunteer With PAWS Rabbit Committee!

Please email the Rabbit Committee to volunteer!

Since PAWS is not a rescue organization we are working closely with rescue groups to re-home these neglected rabbit. If you are interested in helping a rabbit rescue group by fostering a rabbit so that we can save more lives, by making a donation of supplies or funds to help with their mounting medical bills, by donating spays/neuters, etc. Please visit their websites at www.TheRabbitHaven.org and www.SaveABunny.org

We are still in great need of a places to house these rabbit temporarily until we can spay/neuter them and find them safe havens. Please contact us if you have a large indoor space or outdoor space that can be used to protect these rabbits from harm. Housing equipment, food and other supplies can be provided for foster homes if needed.

Thanks for caring!

Questions? Call us at 877-paws4sj (877-729-7475) or email the Rabbit Committee.

Donated Items Wishlist

  • boxes with cutouts
  • fresh timothy or alfalfa pellets
  • plant based litter
  • water bottles
  • oxbow hay
  • litter boxes
  • pet carriers
  • toys- wood toys or hard plastic toys like baby key rings
  • towels and sheets
  • vinegar to clean cages
  • Marchiaro cages or exercise pens are always welcome.

Please email the Rabbit Comittee if you have items to donate.

<strong>To Become An HCC Member</strong>
<li>Please download, fill these documents out and email to us.</li>
<li>HCC Volunteer Application [pdf] [word doc]</li>
<li>HCC Feral Rescue Registration [pdf] [word doc]</li>
Questions? Call us at 877-paws4sj (877-729-7475)

or<a href=”?page_id=92″> email us.</a></p>