Partner with PAWS


If your rescue takes in animals from SJACC, we can help you with funding and other areas.

We are here to ease your effort so you can continue to help more animals!

A major goal of PAWS for SJACS is to help get animals at SJACC, that are not immediately adoptable, into animal rescue groups. These are animals that can be adoptable with a little TLC in a loving foster home--animals with medical problems or injuries, or behavior issues. 
PAWS has several assistance options just for rescue groups that take in animals from SJACC. We can:
  • Offer a medical assistance fund for non-routine care (click for details and application form)

  • Feature animals on our web site that receive funding from our Medical Assistance Program, to raise additional funds; funds are paid directly to the service provider.

  • Provide discounted Microchips, Vaccinations, and Testing.

  • Facilitate finding quality low-cost medical care and providers for specific treatments..

  • Provide you with information and guidance on additional financial assistance programs.

  • Maximize your animals’ exposure for adoption.

You can post them to the web via our Pet Portal and sync to popular adoption sites.

If you have ideas about other ways we can help your rescue group, let us know!
Please call us at (877)729-7475 or email for more information.