PAWS/DrRRRS Vaccine Clinic

A low-cost clinic providing cat and dog vaccinations, as well as flea, tick, and heartworm prevention products.  Help a needy animal while saving money! 


Proceeds are used by PAWS for SJACS to help animals at the San Jose Animal Care Center.


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Online Pharmacy

You can buy some of your pet's non-prescription medications online!


A portion of every purchase you make on either of these websites below goes to support PAWS' programs to help animals at the San Jose Animal Care Center on Monterey Road.




Vet First Choice:

Covid 19 Safety Measures 

With the Covid 19,  we have implemented a drive-by vaccine clinic, to ensure our pets are properly protected from diseases we vaccinate for.  It is an assigned appointment-only clinic.


Some Tuesday & Saturday clinic schedule

Clinics are held only on some Tuesday and Saturday mornings from approximately 9:30am to 1pm in a driveway of a business. You must be available for that time period listed. Appointments are ASSIGNED based on when you ask for the date.  Locations are in various locations in San Jose.  

Sign up form important notes

Please fill out the sign up form completely. 

  • Be aware that failure to fill all fields could result in delay or failure to get an appointment. 

  • When received we will send you the next available dates for upcoming clinics.

  • Expect a response verifying your desire for an appointment within 3 days.